First calligraphy of the year @ Cambridge

Kaetsu Centre in Cambridge is running a Saturday classes for local Japanese children. A friend of mine is organising the events or what they do with other’s help. We decided to do ‘Kaki zome’ which means your first calligraphy lesson or practice of the new year. We normally do this on the 2nd of January, with your new year’s resolutions or wishing the improvement of your calligraphy or study.


I prepared some samples first.

They have children with all different ages, youngest can be two or three, up to ten or twelve years old. But none of them are familiar with brush with ink, so the samples stays quite simple.

We did the same last year, so some might still remember the feeling…


They all enjoyed the day, even just smell of the sumi ink or just making some funny marks with brushes. Some did with their Mum’s help, some determined to do it by themselves. I really love watching them trying really hard whether they like or not in the end.

Some older children want to do more, proper lessons rather than just once a year event. We’ll see how it goes…


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