Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day in-store calligraphy

On continuance two Saturday I was at Regent Street Store of Burberry, to do in-store calligraphy. Personalising message cards for any customers there.


2nd Saturday was 13th which was Valentine’s Day weekend. Lots of ‘love’ messages too!


Store managers and stuff were friendly and helpful…

Most frequent comment is – ‘is this hand written? I thought its printed!’ hmmm.


And I tried Fine-Tec colours for golden shades and other pearl colours too, which my calligrapher friend sent for me. They were really compact and easy to carry around. Perfect for this kind of work!

At end of my shift, all the spare cards for either Happy Lunar New Year and Valentine were gone to floor stuff. Thank you so much for having me…. its my absolute pleasure being there.




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