Lettering on mirror

My often co-working calligrapher got a job in a restaurant near Holborn, to write their menu on the mirror. She is a really good calligrapher but never liked height, so we decided I go up on the ladder.

We used Uni Posca pen, 15mm and 8mm chisel edged. Trying to see the colours on site – red or black…


They decided to use red, so we ruled up, made all guide lines following our draft.IMG_1301

Done two mirrors in three hours. Once you start writing, it was quick but ruling lines up took quite long time.



I loved bigger lettering which I used 15mm pen. Strong thick colour.

Later that week I get to do a lots of text on mini cards which you have to squeeze your lettering down to 2mm x-height … which was not that fun!


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