Christmas card making using fun foam

The local society which I am one of the committee member, SLLA had a workshop lead by Nicola Dunn in early November. Using EVA foam sheet, to cut out shapes to make stamps.


These are Nicola’s letter stamps using foam, with cardboard base and handles. We used coloured ink pads to making marks.











I started with triangles, initially tried to make sparkles but turning into a forest.


Paper makes different too. Left is on Khadi paper which makes very nice fading effect on trees. Upper right is on tissue paper, which you can enjoy the see through feel. Bottom one is on a bit of GF Smith Pargomanata, also see through a little.

We enjoyed shape stamping, and then combined with lettering eventually. EVA foam is much easier to cut or make shapes than lino or rubber erasers, so every one can enjoy!

I also made a holly spiky leaves, to make wreathes. Quite like unusual purple holly!


2 thoughts on “Christmas card making using fun foam

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