First calligraphy of 2017 ‘kaki zome’

In Japan, we celebrate new year’s day as a national holiday but also a big family celebrations. Everyone just enjoy the 1st of January, then on 2nd, we start the things, hoping to get better, do well and successful throughout the coming year.

Many do kaki zome,  which means first calligraphy of the year. In older days calligraphy was the every day important tool. People did kaki zome with a hope of to be a better at it or progress of their academic performances.


I did it, with the determination to be a better calligrapher! Since new year’s day it has been really cold in London, these are the snowy poems.

Pine is one of the good luck charms for welcoming the new year.


And this is my personal project, (with a foam stamping too) text about trees. It will be a tiny book at the end of it I hope.


A hazy winter day in Greenwich.


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