kaki zome at Kaetsu Centre, Cambridge

First Japanese calligraphy class of 2017 – Kaki zome @ Kaetsu Centre, Cambridge.

We had 7 adults and many children, aged babies to 8 years old, on Friday and Saturday. Junior kids tried とり tori which is the animal of this year, with their Mums and Dads.

Some doesn’t even looks like tori but they enjoyed the feeling of brushes on papers.

Bigger children tried 春の光 the light of Spring. Spring and light are both tricky characters to balance, and の ‘of’ looks straight forward but it is not when you try it. Some had problems, but they all completed their task.


When you are in Japanese school, we still do this at the beginning of the year, and it is a competition. I have gone through those and have some proud memories. But these kids in Cambridge just enjoyed this experiences, no need to be ‘writing as the model’.

They had fun, I had fun! I am teaching them how to use brushes and they taught me how to enjoy it!

Kaetsu Centre will hold A Japan Day, on Sat 18th March. And there will be a calligraphy corner. Some of these art works will be on display on the day.



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