Brush calligraphy

I learnt Japanese calligraphy, which we use brushes. Hira-gana, Kana letters were especially designed with round brush, also Chinese characters.

How about Western alphabet. Roman capitals, they say, were drawn with a flat brush, before carving. How do you use pointed, round brush to make a fine lettering of A-Z.

SLLA had a one day workshop with Rosella Garavaglia, who uses round brushes for her lettering a lot. We started with basic lettering. Keeping the slant, o shape, etc, similar to pen calligraphy.  She demonstrate lower cases and then upper cases too.


And then we moved onto more developed letter shapes and strokes. What interested me was that I so get used to hold the brush quite up-right, almost vertically to paper surface. Most of our members are not. As you normally hold your pen and pencil, when you write on your diary. When you tilt the brush, small, thin brush like below, can make very chunky lines as you can see…



This is written with an exactly same brush as blue lettering, but with only a pressure. When you do Japanese calligraphy, not 100%, but you control the line thickness with pressure. A bit like pointed nibs. I guessed some funky brush lettering or fonts, were done like that, and enjoyed the new effect.

brush wave scan S

I still hold my brush up-right. I can’t alter my nature that easily, but some strokes now my hand moves differently. Wrapping paper? Wall paper… maybe.

Fine letter shapes? Trying to keep my standard! I don’t want to make any ugly letters but sometimes, just having fun is not that bad at all!


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