calligraphy at summer fayre

This year I experienced two occasions to put tables at school summer fayre. One in West Acton where I teach a lot, and the other was in Rookery, south London.

West Acton Summer Fayre calligraphy stand

It has been proved to be popular for children to try out calligraphy pens and quills. We used food colouring for ink, and everyone just loved their hands on.



One table with a huge piece of paper, where they can try anything they want.


One table with me, with various paints and papers, writing out people’s name or their favorite words.


I used coloured paper with ‘magic ink’. How magic? Watch video on my instagram post.


Not only children. I believe all human being love making marks. I found this exciting. I am planning to do more workshop with children with their parent during the summer. If it works, I’ll post it here.


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