1. Draw lines

Pointed pen starter, lesson one: draw your lines.  最初はなにせ線を引くことです!

All you need now is dip pen into ink, and draw.  You do not want to have inky fingers, then you just dip only pen nibs, not your pen holders to ink.


This is the time you need to be patient! I know many suffers at this stage and failed to carry practice out further. Take your time to feel how ink flows, control it. Maybe useful to change the angle of your working surface.


drawing  boards.jpg










Drawing boards like this with adjustable angles or you can use whatever you have in your house – files, folders or books. Make them slip safe. You do not want angle too high, as you need to apply pressure.


Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 17.05.52.png

ペンは線の傾きと平行です。最初は筆圧かけずに細く、上から下に線を引いてみます。インクの流れに慣れてきたら筆圧を徐々に加えます。ポインテットペンのペン先は押すと広がり、幅の太い線を出せる仕組みになっています。押しすぎると、インクがどばっ で線が途切れます。様子見ながら、十分慣れてください。ここで、ペンが傾きと平行になっていないと、いくら押しても広がりません。ペン先の向きにも注意です。

Your pen nib needs to be parallel to the slant of your line. Draw thin line without any pressure first. Observe how ink flows. From top to bottom. When you are comfortable, apply pressure gradually. Too much pressure makes ink drops. Again, be patient!  You need to watch the direction of your nib too – if it is not parallel to slant of your line, it will not spread wide to draw thicker lines at all.


Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 17.06.07.png

Then fade in and fade out if you can. Smooth as possible!


インスタにビデオ載せました。Video clip on my Instagram account. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-MOuGbDqJU/


次は下から上に書く線と、それを曲げてまいります。Introduce the lines upwards from bottom and curves next.




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