3. lower case i and friends

When you can do i,

you can do u, w, t straight away.

r and s are a tiny bit different but they are still friends of i.


Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 15.18.27.png

i が書けたら、同じ動きで u,w,t がすぐ書けます。

r と s はすこーし違う動きが入りますが、同じ仲間です。

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 10.42.16.png

i move x 2 = u.

If you extend the finish of u to the top line, and add a baby i without dot = w

Make the stem slightly above the top line, and with cross bar = t

i の動きを二回したら u

u の終わりを上まで書き、小さい i (点なし) で、w

縦棒をガイドの上の線より上までにして、横棒をたすと t


簡単です!Easy peasy.

Video on my Instagram   –  ビデオがインスタにあります


r と s は少し応用です。

A little bit advanced movement on r and s.


r  –  slant is same. Go a little bit higher than the top line,

add pressure as if you draw tiny loop on top, release immediately,

make shoulder with no pressure,

gradually add pressure in the middle and

end with bottom curve.

r  –  字の傾きは他と同様。トップラインより少し上まで行く、







s  –   Slant is different to others.

You go further right than usual to make the slant as a spine of the letter.

Go above the top line and come back a little with no pressure,

gradually add pressure and release the pressure before the bottom line,

curl up towards inside the letter, finish with tiny dot at the end.

s  –  文字の傾きが他と違います。






ここまで i のグループでした。





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