Open Depot Weekend @LTMuseum #ltmdepot

SLLA member, Nicola and I took part in London Transport Museum’s Open Depot Weekend as calligraphers.


They are (we are!) celebrating the 100th anniversary Edward Johnson‘s font. He is called as a father of modern calligraphy, as he re- discovered our way of writing using broad edged pens.  Honour to do calligraphy demo and hands-on program under his name.


We had a look around depot as well after we have done our shift, and they do guided tour too. Many Johnson samples and archives you can find. Some hand cut print, hand painted signs too.

Majority of visitors were train, bus or any transport enthusiasts, but we were excited at same level to see lots of signs!



Japanese too printed with Johnston on their t-shirt.


There was letter press happening too on this weekend and they were giving this away to anyone.

Although New Johnston were produced afterwards, design lasts over 100 years and still heavily used is a treasure. And he was a craft-man as well as we are today.



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